At the Castle Day Nursery we carry out Risk Assessments of the building, garden and equipment once a year. Staff receive a letter explaining any risk we feel they need to be made aware of.

Senior staff also conduct a regime of weekly recorded (Visual) inspections of the garden and play equipment. The maintenance manager also undertakes a monthly, more detailed (Operational) inspection of all the equipment and furniture in the Nursery and the garden.

The staff carry out inspections of the classroom, equipment and toys on a monthly basis and inform the office of any damage or repairs needed.

Kitchen staff are responsible for carrying out inspections on a monthly basis, of the kitchen equipment and area. They also inform the office of any damage or repair needed.

Senior staff carry out inspections on a monthly basis of the office, front garden, mango room, hallways and bathrooms any repairs needed or damage to be reported to the office Staff always remains vigilant at all times to any potential hazards to the children, their colleagues, parents or visitors. Any hazards or potential hazards must be reported immediately to the manager or the senior in charge, whilst continuing to ensure the safety of the children in their care.