All staff follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum guidelines, when doing any planning for their floor, making sure all areas of development are covered.

The staff store previous planning sheets in their planning folder and evaluate its effectiveness on a monthly basis.

Staffs allow children to express themselves freely when playing or doing art work, for example, when doing a piece of art we would allow the child to choose what they would like to use, paint or pencils and what colour they would like to use, this enables them to self choose, be creative and explore media and materials.

Staffs discusses topics of interest with the children and plan their activities around these interests.

At the Nursery we make all toys and equipment accessible at all times of the day and the children can tidy away and choose new resources at will using our photo boards. This enables them to self select and encourages them to tidy up, play together, and develops independence in selecting and carrying out activities. Staffs carry out regular observations throughout the day, which are then used in the children’s Learning Journals. Every 8 weeks these observations, along with parent/carer comments, are used to plan ‘Next Steps’ for the individual child. Within the nursery all ages have their own free flow facility and the staffs, within each age group, contribute to their planning and cover the areas of learning.

The staffs documents over the weeks, what activities the children have enjoyed and any additional resources added. We also make observations on the children and use these to plan the next steps. Planning is evaluated for effectiveness of good practice and relevant and productive next steps are added at the end of each month by the staff and manager.

The Nursery celebrates festivals and special days through out the year.

All developmental records are kept confidential and the Nursery holds annual parents consultation evenings, to enable parents/carers to look at their child’s Journal and work.


At The Castle Day Nursery we implement a key person system within each class.
When a child starts the Nursery they will be given a key worker

The key person is responsible for:-

  • Supporting the child and their parents/carers during their first visits
  • Giving the parents/carers the child’s ‘Get to know me form’. This form allows parent/carers to inform us of their child’s likes, dislikes, interests and any family information
  • To give the child a ‘Settling in bag’ for use at home, so that a smooth transition between home and nursery occurs
  • Observe and complete the child’s Learning Journal and Next Steps so their individual needs are met
  • Speak to parents/carers during our Parents consultation evenings
  • Always be available for parents/carers
  • Support the child when visiting other classrooms within the Nursery when it is time for them to progress to another room, and to introduce them to their new key person
  • Relay relevant information to other staff about their key children when required
  • Support the child through their development stages
  • To communicate with other settings and agencies when needed.