Use of CCTV Policy

Castle Day Nursery operates a CCTV scheme within the Nursery environment and the aim is to provide a safer and more secure environment for the benefit of children, parents and staff.

Images are monitored, recorded and used in strict accordance with this policy.

The Director (Prasanna Saykhedkar), Secretary (Anupama Saykhedkar) and Nursery Managers are responsible for the operation of the system and for ensuring compliance with this policy and are the named Data Controlling Officers.

Data Protection Act 1998:

C.C.T.V. digital images, if they show a recognizable person, are Personal Data and are covered by the Data Protection Act.

The CCTV system

CCTV is provided in the following locations:

  • Staircase
  • Classrooms (downstairs and upstairs) and baby unit.
  • Conservatory
  • Garden
  • Front entrance
  • Office

Although every effort has been made to ensure maximum effectiveness of the CCTV system we cannot guarantee that CCTV will detect every incident taking place within the area of coverage.

Our aim

CCTV has been installed to ensure the safety of children in our care, and helping to ensure the safety of all staff, parents/ carers and visitors.

We will monitor the system to:

  • Provide security and safety for children, parents and staff
  • Provide security of our premises and equipment
  • Provide opportunities for staff training

It is recognized that images are sensitive material and subject to the Data Protection Act 1998; the Director, Secretary and Nursery Manager is responsible for ensuring day to day compliance with the Act. All tapes will be handled in strict accordance with this policy.


Digital recordings are made using digital video recorders operating in real time mode. Images will be initially viewed by the named data controlling officers and tapes will normally be retained for 30 days from the date of recording unless needed for further investigation.

Access to images

Access to images will be restricted to the data controlling officer

Disclosure of recorded material to third parties is limited to the following authorities:

  • Law enforcement agencies where images recorded would assist in a criminal enquiry and/or the prevention of terrorism and disorder
  • Prosecution agencies
  • People whose images have been recorded and retained unless disclosure to the individual would prejudice criminal enquiries or criminal proceedings.
  • Emergency services in connection with the investigation of an accident.
  • Independent and ultimate decision will be of Prasanna for investigations escalated above management level.
  • The CCTV System is a localized system and for internal use only. No images will ever be broadcasted or streamed over the internet to the parents or anyone else.
  • In rare occasions, the owner of the business / Early Years provider– Prasanna Saykhedkar may request a private viewing of saved footage. This may only be as part of an investigation into an accident or incident that occurred in our setting. Personal data may be transferred outside the EEA in exceptional circumstances, this only occurs in the case of an investigation in which the manager on site has escalated the event to Prasanna. In this case, he will only access the footage directly related to the event. As Prasanna sometimes travels abroad, his access can only be granted through an encrypted and password protected server. This server is maintained by a reputable third party provider and is currently encrypted using a SSL encryption technology
    comparable to the encryption used for internet banking. This would only occur if the incident is escalated above Manager on site.
  • We have also done the necessary registration with Information Commissioner Office for data protection regarding the usage of C.C.T.V.
  • Anyone who believes that they have been filmed by C.C.T.V. can ask to see a copy of the data, subject to guidelines covered by the Data Protection Act. They do not have the right of instant access, and can write to the Management for access. The Director/ Nursery Manager will then
    arrange for viewing of the images and subsequent discussion of content.
    The Data Protection Act gives the Nursery Manager the right to refuse a written request where such access could prejudice a criminal investigation or impede the apprehension or prosecution of offenders. If they decide to refuse the request, all reasons will be fully documented and the subject will be informed.