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Love, Laughter and Learning


A Little About Us, And What We Do


At the Castle Day Nursery we promote and encourage children to self select their own toys and encourage them to tidy up and look after all the equipment they have available to them within the setting. This helps to promote self worth and gives them confidence.


Staff will allow children to express themselves freely when playing or doing art work for example, when doing a piece of art we would allow the child to choose what they would like to use, paint or pencils and what colour they would like to use, this enables them to self choose, be creative and explore media and materials.


Staff will discuss topics of interest with the children and plan their activities around these interests.


At the Nursery we make all toys and equipment accessible at all times of the day and the children can tidy away and choose new resources at will. This enables them to self select and encourages them to tidy up, play together, and develops independence in selecting and carrying out activities.



















Settling In Policy


At The Castle Day Nursery we want the children to feel happy and safe. We also want parents to feel happy about leaving their children in our care.


To help children settle into the nursery we will:


a)   Encourage parents to visit the nursery with their child to meet the staff and view our facilities.


b)   Agree, through discussions with the parents, how we will introduce and settle their child into the nursery.


c)   Liaise with parents to arrange the child's visits to the nursery.We normally allow at least 2 weeks before the child's start day for these visits, to ensure the child has time to settle and feel at ease.


d)   We have a nursery 'Settling In' bag available for the children to take home and look at. We would also ask the parent to bring in something from home which the child's key worker can talk to them about. This will help to form a good relationship between child and key worker


e)   We also have a 'settling in' form, for parents to fill in. This provides information about the child which will help the key worker with the settling in process.


f)   We would reassure parents who are anxious about their child by:

Suggesting that they telephone the nursery to check on their child.


Telling the parents what activities their child has enjoyed during their visits.


By taking a photo of their child during their visit to show them happy and playing.



Key Worker Policy


When a child starts at the Nursery they will be given a key worker


The key workers are responsible for:-

•Supporting the child and their parents/carers during their first visits

•Giving the parents/carers the child's 'Get to know me form'. This form allows parent/carers to inform us of their child's likes, dislikes, interests and any family information

•To give the child a 'Settling in bag' for use at home, so that a smooth transition between home and nursery occurs

•Observe and complete the child's Learning Journal and Individual plan so their individual needs are met

•Speak to parents/carers during our Parents and Open evenings

•Always be available for parents/carers

•Support the child when visiting other classrooms within the Nursery when it is time for them to progress to another room, and to introduce them to their new key worker

•Relay relevant information to other staff about their key children when required

•Support the child through their development stages




Parental Harmony


As a Nursery we involve the parents as much as possible with their child's care and inform them of any achievements. Below is a list of what we do within the Nursery with the parents


1)   Regular news letters informing parents of Nursery events etc.


3)   Parents evenings


4)   Open evenings


5)   Summer and Christmas Fayre's


6)   Children's Christmas concert


7)   Daily sheets given to every parent on each session their child attends


8)   Parents are able to see their child's Learning Journal regularly


9)   Ask me about slips which the parents can use to inform us of any news which we can then use at carpet time and with the child's development record


10)  Planning is on display for the parents to read


11)  Photo's up around the Nursery showing children doing activities



Healthy Eating


At the nursery we do the following to promote healthy eating:


a)  We have a four weekly menu which is reviewed regularly and prepared by our cook and we only use fresh fruit, vegetables and meat


b)  We only use products that are low in salt and sugar


c)  The children have access to fresh water at all times


d)  We have fresh fruit, vegetables and healthy foods for snack time, the children also have access to healthy snacks at all times of the day


e)  We also carry out healthy cooking activities with the children to encourage them to be involved in having a healthy life style


f)  There is an allergy chart in the kitchen and each class room, so all staff are aware of each child's specific needs and dietary requirements.

About Us!

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